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22 Ivy Street,
Observatory, 7925
Tel: +27 21 447 9040
Fax: +27 21 448 8475
Email: info@cmh.org.za


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You are the heart of our work

Without the support and opportunities you help make possible, the lives of hundreds of people in the Western Cape with mental disabilites would be very different. You help prevent rejection, isolation and abuse – and replace it with loving care, and the chance for children and adults to reach their full potential and function as independently as possible.

Of every thousand people living in the Western Cape (and our population is over 5 million) 25 have an IQ between 50 and 70 – while in the general population of South Africa, 16.5% are diagnosed with some sort of mental illness.

So you see why your support is so desperately needed! Those of us who've been blessed with healthy minds and bodies are called to protect and nurture those less fortunate ... to help make their life's journey as pleasant and productive as possible. Please make your contribution now – your caring really does makes all the difference.

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Latest news

image In memory of
Cape Mental Health remembers the 94+ lives lost in the #EsidimeniTragedy
[posted 7 February 2017]
image Fountain House Arts and Craft
Fountain House (South Africa) hosted its annual Off the Wall Art and Crafts Exhibition at St Georges Grammar School on 10 December 2015.
[posted 24 February 2016]
image Fund Development
Cape Mental Healths community-based fundraising strategy drive resulted in donations and operational funding from Design Indaba, Crankhandle Club and Nussbaum Foundation.
[posted 4 February 2016]
image Lewis stores show their generous and loyal support to CMH
We thank Lewis Stores for its generous support of our mental health care services and for the way in which it seeks to uplift some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.
[posted 2 February 2016]
image TWU Team leader Training
TWU embarked on training 28 trainees from the work skills section as team leaders to assist the assistant training instructors and the training instructors with the different work contracts.
[posted 3 February 2016]