About Us


From incarceration to empowerment.

Cape Mental Health was founded in 1913 following an international wave of developments in mental health care and a dramatic change in the treatment of mental illness.

Historically, people with mental disabilities were treated with fear and loathing. They were kept in chains; thrown into prisons with lepers, criminals and murderers; subjected to corporal punishment, shock treatment, bloodletting; or hidden away by families who considered them a shameful secret. 

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The mental health wave gradually shifted from hospitalisation and institutionalisation to today’s model of encouraging those with mental disability to function within the community through counselling, support, and rehabilitation.

As the oldest mental health organisation in South Africa and a founding member of the World Federation for Mental Health (formed in London in 1948), Cape Mental Health is proud of the ground-breaking work it has done in the past 106 years, especially in poorly resourced communities.

Our organisation has grown to encompass 24 different projects and programmes that focus on promoting, facilitating and providing proactive mental health care services various spheres under the mental health umbrella.

The World Dignity Project

Cape Mental Health aligns with The World Dignity Project,
a movement to end stigma and ensure dignity and hope for vulnerable people.


Sexual Abuse Victim Empowerment (SAVE) awarded the Zero Project Innovative Practice Award in 2015

Special Education and Care Centre awarded the Best ECD Programme that supports Babies and Young Children with Disabilities at the South African Early Childhood Development Awards in 2016

Training Workshops Unlimited awarded the Zero Project Innovative Practice Award for its intensive development and career path training programme for adults with intellectual disability in 2017

Meet the Management Team

Cape Mental Health is ably led by CEO, Dr Ingrid Daniels and her team.

Ingrid Daniels

Chief Executive Officer


 Santie Terreblanche

Deputy Executive Officer


Carol Bosch

Deputy Executive Officer


Brigitte van der Berg

Management Secretary


Willemien Buys

Administration Manager


Sandra Ellis

Donor Development Manager


Mpilo Khumalo

Special Education & Care Centres Manager


Haseena Parker

Social Work Manager



Jenny Bester

Social Work Manager


Wasima Fisher

Social Work Manager


Taryn du Toit

Innovations & Training Manager


Thomas Bezuidenhout

Training Workshops Unlimited General Manager


Anna-Beth Aylward

Rainbow Foundation Manager


René Minnies

Fountain House (SA) Manager


Stuwart Musekiwa

Finance Manager


Sarah-Jessica Ntaka

Access to Justice Manager



Board Members 2019/20

The Board of Cape Mental Health is comprised of a representative cross-section
in terms of race and gender, and includes individuals with disabilities.

Dr Amelia Jones



Prof. Johannes John-Langba

Vice President


Ken Sturgeon

Vice President


Kim Cooper



Tracy van der Heyden

Deputy Chairperson


Alan Crisp



David Lotz

Legal Advisor


Gary Pond

Committee Member


Doreen Herbert

Committee Member


Shona Sturgeon

Committee Member


Siphamandla Matiwane

For consumers with intellectual disability


Lucy-Ann Namukoko

For consumers with psychosocial disability 

18 & 22 Ivy St, Observatory

Cape Town, South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 21 447 9040

Email: info@cmh.org.za