There are many different ways of structuring a bequest. You can leave:

— A specific sum of money or item (such as a home or vehicle). Although this is the simplest form of a bequest, it makes no allowance for the effects of inflation or changes in the value of your estate. If you choose this type of bequest, you need review your Will regularly to make sure you are not giving away money or items you no longer possess.

— A percentage. This ensures a fair distribution amongst all your beneficiaries, regardless of any changes in the value of your estate.

— The residue (or a percentage of it). The residue is what is left over after funeral expenses, taxes and other bequests have been paid. You can leave the entire residue to a single beneficiary, or apportion it among several beneficiaries.

— A Life Insurance Policy – this can be ceded to an organisation like Cape Mental Health. Or you could take out a new policy, naming Cape Mental Health as the beneficiary.

— Charitable bequests are exempt from tax and can help reduce estate duty, as they are deducted from the value of your estate before tax is calculated. Please consult a qualified professional – an accountant, financial planner or attorney – before making or changing your Will. They will advise you on how best to structure your bequest and ensure that all documents are legally worded and witnessed.

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