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Training Workshops Unlimited

Over 500 adults with intellectual disability receive trainingat four workshops throughout the Greater Cape Town area. We call our Training Workshops 'unlimited' because trainees progress along a structured career path – from basic care and stimulation through to jobs in our own manufacturing workshops and, ultimately, the open labour market – according to their ability.

Different jobs for different abilitiesSome may never progress past the first level. Others have the potential to complete the programme and become economically independent.

The TWU Training and Career Path:

  1. Eagles programme:  Care and stimulation for persons needing high levels of care.
  2. Whales Programme:  Part time respite care and stimulation for persons not yet ready to attend a full day programme at the workshops.
  3. Life skills Programme:  Structured Day Programme including training in self-care, basic work skills, leisure time, music and sport to medium functioning trainees.
  4. Work Skills Programme:  Pre vocational training, work skills, life skills, community survival and production training to higher functioning trainees.
  5. Skills Development and Learnerships:  Career skills and bridging training to those trainees ready to pursue a career in the open labour market.  This programme includes classroom training and practical placements to gain experience and references.  The learners have Job Coaches supporting them throughout this programme.
  6. Siyakwazi Integration Company project:  Simulated open labour market employment with equal income opportunities to trainees who successfully completed the previous step but have not yet secured employment.  Continued Job Coaching and support as needed.
  7. Supported Employment programme:  Continued Job Coaching and follow-up for persons who secured employment and support for their employers to retain employment.