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Sexuality Awareness Training Programme

Sadly, people with Intellectual Disability are often victims of abuse. Our aim is to help them understand their bodies and their rights and responsibilities related to sexual activity. We teach them the facts regarding:

  • basic decision making and making good choices
  • differences between male and female bodies
  • sexual development during adolescence
  • intimacy and family planning
  • sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV and Aids)
  • good touch and bad touch (sexual abuse)
  • the right to say no to sexual abuse

The programme consists of age and IQ functionality appropriate programmes for primary (3-9 years) middle (10-13 years) and senior (14 years and over) children, based on the principles for teaching learners with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.

As far as possible, we address the key outcomes as set out in the WCED programme for mainstream schools Grade 1-7, with additional aspects covered in the programme for adults. Learner and Teacher/Trainer support materials are provided to facilitate effective learning and retention of knowledge.

Each programme has a training kit, which includes a manual, a pair of anatomically correct dolls, a board game with dice and play pieces, and other necessary materials.

For more information, please contact Taryn Feinberg on tel. 021 4472416.