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Disabled childPsychiatric Disability

Psychiatric Disabilities are mental and emotional disorders (such as severe depression, Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Mood Disorder) that impair a person's ability to cope with their feelings and with the demands of the outside world.

Psychiatric disability is characterised by varying degrees of inappropriate behaviour, communication and understanding, and being out of touch with reality at times. It can affect anyone and generally starts in adolescence or adult life. The onset of mental illness can be sudden or gradual, and the illness can be acute, chronic or intermittent.

There can be a good chance of recovery from a mental illness, following appropriate treatment and support from special day centres, hospitals and rehabilitation groups.

One of the greatest challenges facing those affected by psychiatric disability or mental illness is the stigma and discrimination they face. Revealing that one has Schizophrenia (for example) causes others to react with fear or hurtful remarks such as "lunatic" or "nuts".

DonateCape Mental Health offers a range of services, from counselling and support to rehabilitation, training, and re-integration programmes – aimed at helping those affected by mental illness to take their rightful place in society.

Many of our services are offered free to those in need, and we depend on concerned individuals and businesses for the funds we need to continue. Please support us by clicking the button alongside.