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Look at this scenario: You are on an aeroplane and disaster strikes. Your loved ones, be it your children, parents or friends that surround you need help. The rule is to first to put on your oxygen mask and life jacket before you can help someone else. You would be of no help if you don’t put on your oxygen mask first. 


So, the moral is that you have to take care of yourself first before you can help others. Neglect of your mental health like excessive worry, drinking too much alcohol and living in an abusive relationship can cause havoc on your life, which can cause mental illness like anxiety and depression. You have to take care of yourself and avoid triggers

of bad mental health. 


Anxiety and depression are real illnesses which are debilitating and can leave one incapacitated. Generalised anxiety is characterised by excessive, long-lasting worry about nonspecific life events, objects and situations. The magnitude of fear is usually unrealistic. Sufferers expect failure and disaster to the point that it interferes with daily functioning. Depression and anxiety are treatable. Go for a check-up to your General Practitioner who can refer you to a psychiatrist, social worker or psychologist. 


Try to pluck up some courage and use your nervous energy to declutter your life. You will be surprised how much energy is lying dormant in your body’s joints and muscles. The hard work of cleaning your surroundings and taking care of your hygiene will enable the brain to secrete endorphins which will make you feel better about yourself. 


So, what is self-care? It is taking care of your mind body and soul. 


This is my idea for good self-care:



Declutter your life by losing some of the friendships that do not add value to your life such as toxic friends and acquaintances. Not that I only associate with people who do not have issues. Life is complex and people struggle sometimes. I believe you have to be there for them. Believe in the power of the mind and positive thinking. Exercise the mind by reading and doing puzzles like Sudoku and crossword puzzles.



Exercise the body to get the endorphins (happy hormones) flowing. Having a hot bubble bath and pampering yourself with your favourite perfume does help.



Meditate its good for your mind and soul.


Make a resolution to be HAPPY!

[ Posted 23 September 2019 ]

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