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It has come to our attention that a scam was instigated in which the name of Cape Mental Health was used for dubious purposes. A false job listing was posted on Gumtree, in which someone posing as an employee of a recruitment company solicited job seekers to transfer money into the scammer’s accounts before the applicants are able start employment at our organisation. This was done under the pretext that the funds would be used to purchase uniforms for the employee upon confirmation of the appointment.

Cape Mental Health views the nature of this incident in a very serious light and has taken the necessary steps to report the scammer’s details to Gumtree and ban the person from the platform in order to put a stop to this scam.

We urge all job seekers to be vigilant with proposed opportunities on this platform as scams and cases of fraud are on the rise. Please establish whether an opportunity that has been presented to you is concrete and can be verified.

In this particular case, Cape Mental Health did not make use of any recruitment agencies to fill the vacancies advertised. Furthermore, the organisation would under no circumstances request money from any prospective employees before the commencement date of their employment.

Should you be approached with an employment opportunity at our organisation by anyone other than a verified staff member, please ensure that you take the necessary precautionary steps and research the information you receive.

Here are some of the top job scams that are prevalent in South Africa and tips on how to avoid them:

1)     False job scam:
This email is sent, asking you to complete an online form. The website link then redirects you to a page that requires all your personal information. There will also be text stating something like: If you do not submit your details we cannot consider you for the job.

2)     Fax job scam:
This is one of the most popular scams in South Africa. With this job scam a fake recruiter will advertise a fake job. You are asked to fax your CV to a fax number that’s strategically set up to charge higher than standard rates. After you submit your CV the charges will be sent to your phone bill at ridiculously high rates.

3)     Pay for items scam:
After participating in what seems like a valid interview, the company says it will set you up with software to allow you to work from home. The employer will then send you a cashier’s cheque and ask that you deposit the funds into your bank account and withdraw the amount required. You will then be asked to send those funds to Western Union for materials that you’ll need in order to perform your job properly.

For more on these popular scams, you can visit the website below:

[ Posted 16 September 2018 ]

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