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TWU Team Leader Training 

Training Workshops Unlimited (TWU) embarked on training 28 trainees from the work skills section as team leaders to assist the assistant training instructors and the training instructors with the different work contracts.The training fosters leadership in our trainees, and allows them to explore their potential and ability to undertake greater responsibilities in the work place.

The process of selecting trainees from the workshops was a consultative process through the forum of our Trainee Empowerment meetings. The selection caused great excitement amongst all trainees and staff. Trainees were very carefully selected by the Senior Training Instructors according to specific criteria as well as personal attributes required by team leaders. It was agreed that a solid foundation was needed in the form of training to ensure our trainee team leaders were set to succeed. The training was assigned to the workshops’ job coaches.

With the guidance of the TWU training and development coordinator Grace Cairns, the job coaches worked out a two-day training programme covering topics like: Leadership, Rules of TWU, Understanding Contracts, Planning, Monitoring, Importance of Targets, the Production Board, and then – very importantly – Managing Appropriate and Inappropriate Behaviour. The training included a lot of practical work and role-play to facilitate easy learning. Three morning feedback sessions for team leaders, assistant training instructors, and seniors, addressed possible challenges and solutions. Job coach Shamila Ownhouse trained five trainees at the Retreat Workshop, job coach Agnes Meintjies trained nine team leaders at Athlone Workshop, and job coach Mzikayise Ntshangase trained 14 trainees at Mitchell’s Plain from both Mitchell’s Plain and Nonceba workshops on 26 and 27 October 2015.

Each trainee who successfully completed the team leader training was awarded a certificate, a team leader’s badge, as well as a reflective bib which would clearly identify them among the trainees as part of TWU’s ‘visual management system’. Their wages are also adjusted according to their experience and responsibilities.

Thus far team leader training is being received very positively and TWU is hoping to have more team leader training and more trainees that will be empowered in this way as they continue on their career paths.


[ Posted 3 February 2016 ]

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