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Waterless Carwash 

Always on the look-out for new and innovative initiatives that allow for income generation, CMH recently secured a ‘seed grant’ from Australian Aid’s (AusAID) Direct Aid Program (DAP) to start a waterless carwash, which will be operated by CMH programme Training Workshops Unlimited (TWU).

The waterless car wash cleans, shines, and protects vehicles without virtually using any water, whilst creating employment opportunities for persons with mental disabilities. We convey our deepest thanks to AusAID to get this sound initiative off the ground, especially as South Africa is currently facing increased water shortages. If you would like to have your car washed, or if you would like to explore whether the waterless car wash is something for your company to try out, please contact general manager Thomas Bezuidenhout at TWU. Phone: 021 638 3143.

[ Posted 2 February 2016 ]

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