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Dutch cake sale for South African wilderness opportunities

Cape Mental Health gives a big thank you to class 4AB from RSG NOV, a secondary school in Epe, Netherlands. They raised R3 293 through a cake sale for CMH’s school support programme, MindMatters.

The money will be used for two school outings for learners from the Zeekoevlei and Ocean View secondary schools. These boys and girls are aged between 14 and 17 and will get an opportunity to get out of their communities and into the wilderness.

‘Nature is for all of us a place where we can connect with the open spaces and with the land. It is also a place to dream and visualize a future that could be different from what is,’ explained social worker and MindMatters facilitator Jonathan Manuel.

Manuel says he hopes this is only the start of a blossoming relationship between the Zeekoevlei and Ocean View secondary schools on the one hand and the learners of the RSG NOV in the Netherlands on the other. International partnerships can be one of the best ways to help learners see beyond cultural stereotypes and build a real understanding of the world around them. The MindMatters programme educates and informs learners, parents and teachers on mental health problems and helps build resilience and coping skills.

[ Posted 2 February 2016 ]

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