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Learning for life

People who work with children and adults with severe and profound intellectual disability must ensure that their knowledge, skills and practices remain relevant and up-to-date so that service users (and their families) receive the best and most appropriate care, education and support.

Cape Mental Health’s Learning for Life training programme addresses this need through hosting courses and workshops as well as customised training to suit the specific requirements of the organisation, centre or facility.

Four workshops, held in August to November 2015 for programme implementers, carers, and special care centre supervisors, addressed important topics related to severe and profound intellectual disability (SPID), including managing challenging behaviour, working effectively with parents and key role-payers, and designing a daily programme.

The workshop participants contributed their experiences and knowledge to group discussions around the best practices to implement in centres and facilities for children and adults with severe and profound intellectual disability.

Learning for Life received very positive feedback from participants in their evaluation forms:

“The workshop was very interesting and an eye opener. The information was worth and very helpful. More training should be made…”

“I can be more confident now and assist the other colleagues. I have a clearer understanding of disability and how to deal with it. I can improve my communication with parents and staff…”

“Loved the experience of other centres, loved the interactive way it was presented!”

“I enjoyed the very practical illustrations and ‘grass roots level’ understanding and experience of the facilitators.”

The SPID Course 2016 is a full-year course complete with interactive training workshops, a one-week practical placement at a best practice site, three learner assessments (an assignment, a practical exam and a written exam) and access to support throughout the year from Learning for Life staff. It aims to improve the competency levels of people who provide care and education to children with severe and profound intellectual disability as well as their levels of confidence.

More information and an application forms will be distributed to those on the Learning for Life email database.

Do contact Taryn Feinberg at 021 447 2416 or with your queries regarding the SPID course or your organisation’s need for customised training.

[ Posted 2 February 2016 ]

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