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/’Off the Wall’ Art & Craft Exhibition

Fountain House (South Africa) held its Annual Art and Craft Exhibition, ’Off The Wall’ at St George’s Grammar School on 31  October 2012.

’Off The Wall’ showcases the work of artists and crafters who have psychiatric disabilities and who live in the Cape Town area.

On display were a variety of arts and crafts, including drawings, paintings, sculpture, jewellery, pewter and graphic designs.

The artists are also involved in the organising of the event with the Fountain House staff members; their inclusion reflects the ethos of the programme.

Some of the artists - Marco Sojola, Elizabeth Wood, Jonathan Smith, Noer Gallant, Chenaix de Klerk, Richard Lawrence and Louise Bowley - participated in previous Art Auctions arranged by Fountain House. This year also saw new artists and crafters like Nolene Palmer, Terrance Adams, Nizaar Edries, Siyaybonga Basela and Gavin Felaar.

A special thank you to the artists who exhibited this year as we realise that the financial constraints they experience makes producing art pieces even more challenging.

Challenge is often the mother of creation and this year we saw new work being created from recyclable materials in the form of plaited mats made from material off cuts and photo frames created from driftwood found on the beach.

Fountain House would like to increase the number of artists who submit their work for exhibition and encourage artists in the community to make contact with us in this regard.

’Off The Wall is an interesting look into the hearts and minds of artists with psychiatric disabilities and should not be missed next year.

[ Posted 16 November 2012 ]

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