Inge and Martin Volker

Inge and Martin Völker (Germany)

Martin and Inge Völker from Bockhorn in Germany are both kite makers and kite flyers. Martin made his first kite – a power kite - in 1989. He made his first big kite – a Cody - in 1997. His first inflatable kite was a 13 metre orca whale. Inge is known for her ‘Hello Kitty’ kites and assorted creatures including fish, elephants, gecko, manta rays and a 30 metre octopus.

Martin works as a lawyer and notary. His working days are very long so he uses his holidays to visit kite festivals. Each year the couple go to festivals in Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain and Martin builds his kites during the European winter. One of the newest creations, a 9 metre ‘dwarf’ will be coming to the 2015 #CTKiteFest.

Keen kite collectors, the Volkers have about 500 kites in their collection. They regularly fly with a group of friends, calling themselves ‘Nordlichter’.