Steve Leonard

Steven Leonard (Durban, South Africa)

Steven Leonard is a professional kite flyer involved in all forms of kite flying, performances and training, but specialises in steerable kites. His primary kite for putting on such performances and demonstrations is the Revolution 4-line kite, which allows for absolute pinpoint precision control and extreme versatility.

Steven started flying in late 2007 and has since developed his skills to include indoor and outdoor flying of almost any steerable kite in multiple disciplines. He has made three trips to the USA to train with, perform and share ideas with other expert level pilots. In addition to participating in local and international events Steven has also written or featured in a number of published articles regarding various aspects of kiting.

Most weekends Steven can be found at the beach keeping his skills sharp, testing new ideas, entertaining beach goers, letting people try his kites and otherwise developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of kite flying.

He is looking forward to this year’s festival and hopes to bring a lot of smiles and excitement, “The more fun and entertainment I can provide, the better for the event and Cape Mental Health” says Leonard, “Flying for your own enjoyment is great, flying for the enjoyment of others AND a good cause is just fantastic”.


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