Brian Skinner

Brian Skinner (Cape Town)

Brian Skinner (Briski) and his wife Beryl are regulars at the Cape Town International Kite Festival.

Briski started making soft kites in 1999 after finding kite plans on the internet and has flown kites at the Cape Town International Kite Festival since 2000. He still flies kites that he made twelve or more years ago.

In 2002 he began to make fighter kites and has enjoyed flying these little kites whenever the breeze is favourable. He has a wide selection of soft kites up to 5 meters long, numerous Rokkaku fighting kites from ½ to 2.5 metres in size and many fighter kites. One of the features of flying big soft kites is that they have the ability to lift his collection of “line decorations” such as spinning wheels, fish and frogs into the sky. He also has an arch of 34 diamond kites similar to those that are made by the schools at the kite festival.

Skinner's main objective in flying kites is to give passers-by a free show and he says that he uses the kites to put smiles on the faces of children and adults, “Who can resist smiling when you see a colourful kite decorating the sky?”







Contact Details:
Tel: 084 564 6028