David Sampson

David & Nadia Sampson (KwaZulu-Natal)

"When most kids stop making kites, I just carried on and eventually made it into a business," says David Sampson of Hi-Fly Kites.

Today David and his wife Nadia run one of the bigger kite companies in South Africa and own a range of show kites, including a selection of inflatables like their 34-metre caterpillar, a 6m long Frog and Gecko and the infamous Blue Meanie from the Gomberg Kites catalogue.

The Sampsons are avid supporters of children's kiting, are sponsors of the annual Sun Coast Kite Festival (KZN), and integral to the Sunflower Fund Kite Festival (KZN) each September. They have been involved in the Cape Town International Kite Festival since 1994.

"Unlike my husband, David, who had a passion for kites from childhood, my first introduction to kites came about when we first met," explains Nadia. "David’s enthusiasm soon rubbed off and when we married I became a part of Hi-Fly Kites.

"I started off right at the bottom learning all the intricacies of how to make kites – from design, cutting, sewing, assembly – and learning how to fly all the different models. My favorite part is the graphic design, taking an idea and turning it into a work of art. I think that's why I enjoy the big display kites so much; they have such a wow factor to them. I always get a kick out of the reactions kids have to these really big kites."









Nadia Sampson

Contact Details:
Website: www.hiflykites.co.za
Email: info@hiflykites.co.za