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Gadis Widiyati Riyadi (Singapore)

Gadis Widiyati Riyadi is a truly international kite flyer. She was born in China, has lived in Jakarta (Indonesia) and now lives in Singapore.  She has attended kite festivals all over the world, and will be at #CTKiteFest for the third time in 2016.

Although Gadis’ parents felt that kites were only suitable toys for boys, she has been flying kites since she was 10 years old, and making kites for more than two decades. Her creations include large stick kites with traditional Asian/Hindu and Buddhist designs, some single-line inflatables and large flow-forms, a type of trick kite that flies in light winds.

Gadis organises the Singapore International Kite Festival with the Singapore Kite Association as well as assisting organisers in other countries in Asia including Borneo. She has attended kite festivals in many countries including Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, China and France.

Gadis’ passion is teaching; she gives kite-making workshops at international festivals and in Singapore. These are not only for children – she also gives talks in museums, universities and big companies such as Nestle, Microsoft Corporation and Motorola.  A passionate educator, Gadis is the founder of Parents Support Group in Eunos Primary School and is also in the Parents Support group at Pasir Ris Secondary School. She uses kites to highlight issues such as family bonding, children’s development and the challenges of the teenage years.

Gadis has three children, two older sons, Bimandhra and Brahmawan, and a daughter Syabilla, who are all involved with kiting.

Gadis Widiyadi Riyadi