Keith Mould

Keith Mould (Sedgefield, South Africa)

Keith Mould has been involved with the Cape Town International Kite Festival since 2002, volunteering his time and expert in support of Cape Mental Health.  

Keith is possibly one of SA’s most travelled kiters, having participated at festivals all over South East Asia, India, UK and France. He’s also helped organise kite festivals on the Garden Route (2008 Knysna, 2012 Sotheby's Slow Kite Festival, and 2015 Eden Kite Festival).

Keith owns more than 300 kites, including 15 Rokakku kites of various sizes. He enjoys stunt kite ‘ballet’ and power-kiting.  His kite making focuses on Minimalist Art kites, such as his Geisha Edo Kite.

In recent years paragliding has been a big interest, and he’s travelled around South Africa, to Nepal and the Alps to paraglide.












Contact details:
Tel. 083 679 4039