Ralf Maserski

Ralf and Lucas Maserski (Germany)

Award-winning kiter Ralf Maserski, from Dortmund in Germany has been kiting since 1995. He says he finds joy in making and flying kites, especially using his own designs. He has flown at more than 100 Kite Festivals and loves meeting up with his kite friends from all over the world. He also enjoys giving workshops to spread the knowledge of kite-making.

For Ralf kites are mainly a hobby; he works as the manager of an electronics workshop at the Technical University of Dortmund. A past vice-president of the German Kite Association, Ralf is currently editor of their magazine HochHinaus and responsible for organizing the annual German kite championships. His kiters have taken him to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Indonesia, Lebanon, Netherlands, Spain, and the USA.

He is coming to the 2016 #CTKiteFest for his second time, and bringing his son and fellow kiter Lucas along.







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