Karl-Ulrich Koertel (Germany)

Karl-Ulrich Körtel (Mr. Rudi) is from Rotenburg in Germany. He will be attending the Cape Town International Kite Festival for the first time in 2014. He is married with three children and works as an executive for an insurance company.

Köertel has been flying kites for over 50 years and building kites since 1985. He has also been a presenter at many different kite festivals and was the runner-up in the German Kite Builders Championship on 1992.

His favoured kite is a delta-kite which he refers to as 'Rabe Rudi'. Körtel is also the inventor of several kiting activities such as 'Kites on the River' and 'Christmas Kite-Flying'. He is the organiser of the Iba Kite Festival and historical kite exhibitions. He is also the president of the Waldhessen Kite Club and a member of Paderborn Kite Club and AKA.

Website: www.raberudi.com