Meet the kiters

These are some of the special kiters who support Cape Mental Health and the Cape Town International Kite Festival. Click thumbnails for full profile and more images.

Ashley Ware-Lane   Brian Skinner   Hansens

Ashley and Mari Ware-Lane (Cape Town, South Africa) Ashley is the Kiting Advisor on the Cape Town International Kite Festival organising committee (since 2011).
Brian Skinner (Cape Town, South Africa) Brian Skinner (Briski) and his wife Beryl have been regulars at the #CTKiteFest since 2000. He uses kites to put smiles on the faces of children and adults.
Craig and Debbie Hansen (New Zealand) With 3 other adventurers, Craig crossed the Sahara Desert by 'kite power', breaking records for the longest distance travelled by kite and the first wind-powered crossing of the Sahara.
Ebrahim Sambo   Fred and Donna   Gadis

Ebrahim Sambo
(Cape Town) is an award-winning maker of traditional ‘Cape Swaeltjie’ or Swallow kites, a style of kite that appears to have come to Africa with immigrants from South East Asia several centuries ago
Fred and Donna Taylor
(Canada) are attending the Festival for the first time in 2016. They plan to bring an assortment of their ‘festival favourites’. As well as single line inflatables, Fred and Donna also enjoy flying Revolution 4-line kites and will be showing off some technical flying skills.
Gadis Widiyati Riyadi (Singapore) organises the Singapore International Kite Festival with the Singapore Kite Association as well as assisting organisers in other countries in Asia . She conducts kite-making workshops and gives talks in museums, universities and big companies.
Greg Mountjoy   Ian & Jenny Islip   Jacques Fourie

Greg Mountjoy
(Knysna, South Africa) runs Kites by Design in Knysna, and is a regular guest at the Cape Town International Kite Festival and a sought after veteran of international festivals.
Ian & Jenny Islip (Cape Town, South Africa) are regulars at the Cape Town International Kite Festival. Ian makes kites of many different design, including a single-line inflatable 15 metre dragon and various superheroes.
Jacques Fourie
(Pretorial, South Africa) has been flying kites for the past 20 years, having started with dual line stunt kites, flexi stackers and Wallendair parafoils. "As long as there are kites in the sky everyone is happy," he says.
Jacqui Mountjoy d Keith Mould d

Jacqui Mountjoy
(UK) is a South African now living the UK. A long-standing supporter of Cape Mental Health, Jacqui was also involved in the kite business in SA for over two decades.

Keith Mould (South Africa) pictured here with Ebrahim Sambo, has been involved with the Cape Town International Kite Festival since 2002. He owns about 300 kites, including 15 Rokakku kites of various sizes.

Maarten and Tjitske van Hienen (Netherlands) are kite-makers who specialise in patchwork kites, some with as many as 1,600 individual pieces.  

Ebrahim Sambo d Peter Hulcoop d Philip Hattingh

Mike Goldblatt
(Cape Town) has been making and flying kites for over 20 years and has been attending the Cape Town International Kite Festival since 1997. He has recently gone ‘back to basics’ and started making and flying single line kites and zero-wind gliders.

Peter Hulcoop (UK) has been flying kites for over 35 years and says a new design is always in his head, on the drawing board or in production. He is an active member of several UK kite clubs and the American Kite Association.

Philip Hattingh (Cape Town, South Africa) is a professional kite-maker and kite-flyer who has been making kites for over 20 years. He used to sell them on the Main Road in Clovelly and, over 15 years later, people still ask whether they can buy kites there.
Ralf Maserski d d John Erasmus

Ralf and Lucas Maserski (Germany). Award-winning kiter Ralf Maserski has been kiting since 1995. He says he finds joy in making and flying kites, especially using his own designs. He enjoys giving workshops to spread the knowledge of kite-making.
Bernd Halbeck
(Germany) Kiting is more than a hobby – it's a way of life to Bernd, who works in aircraft manufacture. In his spare time he goes to kite festivals all over Europe. His passion is kite aerial photography (KAP).
Bernhard Dingwerth (Germany) made his first inflatable – a crocodile – in 1994. This was followed by a seal, grasshopper, salamander and a whole zoo of different creatures.
David Sampson d John Erasmus d Ulrich Koertel

David & Nadia Sampson (KwaZulu-Natal) run one of the bigger kite companies in South Africa and own a range of show kites, including a selection of huge inflatables like their 34-metre caterpillar.
John Erasmus (Durban, South Africa) John became interested in kites in 2011 when it was too windy to fish and he met up with Steven Leonard flying a Revolution kite on a Durban beach.
Karl-Ulrich Körtel, (Germany) has been flying kites for over 50 years and building kites since 1985. He was the runner-up in the German Kite Builders Championship on 1992.
d Volkers d John Erasmus

Karl & Sara Longbottom (UK) are a popular couple on the international kite circuit and regular visitors to #CTKiteFest. They initially toyed with kites when their children were young, but two decades later, Karl is a full-time, award-winning kite-maker.
Martin and Inge Völker (Germany) are attending the #CTKiteFest for the second time in 2015. Both are talented kite makers and Martin will be bringing one of his newest creations, a 9 metre ‘dwarf’, to this year's event.
Pieter & Xavier Binsbergen (PE, South Africa). Pieter and his nine year old son are avid kite flyers. Their passion is dual and quad line kites, having dedicated much time in the past two years flying revolution kites.
Steven Leonard Ian & Jenny Islip Ugo Groll

Steven Leonard (Durban, South Africa) is a professional kite flyer involved in all forms of kite flying, performances and training, but specialises in steerable kites.
Steve Pereira (South Africa) has attended the #CTKiteFest almost every year since it started. He has a range of kites including two line trick-kites, power kites, fighter kites and Revolution kites.
Ugo Groll
(Germany) is a regular attendee at the Cape Town International Kite Festival. His partner, Diana Hampel, is an excellent kite bridle knotter.

The annual Cape Town International Kite Festival attracts talented kite-makers and kite fliers from around the world. Festival-goers will see giant cartoon characters and other amazing kite creations take to the skies, as well as exciting stunt kiting and Rokakkau kite battles.

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