Jacqui Mountjoy (United Kingdom)

Jacqui Mountjoy, a South African kiter now living the UK, says that the atmosphere at the annual Cape Town International Kite Festival is the best in the whole wide world! She should know, as this long-standing supporter of Cape Mental Health was been involved in the kite business in SA for over two decades and has attended kite festivals all over the world. After she moved to the UK kites became more of a hobby again and Jacqui has loved being actively involved in UK kite clubs and has been thrilled to learn new appliqué techniques from kite masters such as Christian Baden Powell, Robert Brasington and Linda Sanders.

“My love for kites has taken me around the world”, says Jacqui, who has attended kite festivals in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India, China, France, Poland and the UK. Her kite collection includes indoor kites, single line kites, and small inflatables.