What you will need

Make your own diamond kite

Information courtesy of Keith Mould and Cape Mental Health.

You will need:

  • A tabloid size newspaper
  • Two sticks (e.g. wooden skewers, dowels or bamboo sticks) – one the same length of your newspaper and one the width across when it is laid open
  • A plastic handle or a piece of wood ·
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sellotape
  • Crayons, paints or marker pens to decorate

Step 1:
Lay open your newspaper and measure two thirds up the long stick (the length of the newspaper) and place the other stick across to form a cross and where they meet - tie.

Step 2:
Draw four lines from stick to stick. Now cut one centimetre wider than this diamond shape, leaving a border.

Step 3:
Fold in the border along all sides and tape securely. Then tape down the sticks onto the newspaper.

Step 4:
Making the bridle – Take a piece of string twice the length of your kite. With a pen mark the kite into four equal lengths. Make a hole in the kite on either side of the long stick at the first and third marks. Now secure the stick to the kite with the string through these holes. Finally, lift the string and measure your string from the bottom knot to the tip of the kite and mark the string. Then measure to the bottom knot and mark the other piece of string. Tie a loop where the two marks meet.

Step 5:
Making the tail – Take a piece of string ten times the length of your kite and tie to the bottom of the stick to make your tail. Cut 12 strips of newspapers and tie in a bow every 20 centimetres.

Step 6:
Flying line – Roll about 20 metres or more of string to a short piece of stick or a plastic handle. Tie the end of this string to the middle of the bridle’s loop (step 4). This is your flying line. You can now paint or decorate your kite – use pens, crayons or a light coat of poster paint.

To fly your kite – Ask a friend to hold your kite, walk away into the wind for about 10 metres keeping the line taut. Your friend can toss the kite up, you pull on the line and it should fly. If there is not enough wind run in the opposite direction and watch your kite fly.


Make a kite

Make a kite

Make a kite

Make a kite

Step 5