Philip Hattingh

Philip Hattingh (Cape Town)

Philip Hattingh is a Cape Town based professional kite-maker and kite-flyer who lives in Kommetjie. He has been making kites for over 20 years. He made his first kite at the age of five which lasted all of three flights.

His first kites were sold on the Main Road, Clovelly, in Cape Town, and Philip says that even now, many years later, he still gets calls from people asking whether he still sell his kites there. Philip has made over 15 000 kites for people all around the world.

Philip is passionate about teaching children and is a strong believer in the therapeutic and educational benefits of kiting.

Philip has attended kite festivals all around the world including, England, France and Australia. Philip’s highest altitude record of 3, 800 metres, one he intends to beat.