Craig and Debbie Hansen (New Zealand)

Professional kite-maker and kite-flyer, Craig Hansen, of Peter Lynn Kites in New Zealand, will be attending the Cape Town International Kite Festival for his second time in 2016. Craig, a truly wind-powered person, attends festivals worldwide and has even crossed the Sahara and the Gobi deserts by kite power. His was the first wind-powered crossing of the Sahara. In an attempt on the world speed record he became the fastest ‘wind-powered’ person in NZ and is one of the top 10 fastest wind-powered people on the planet. Craig is looking forward to flying some of the largest show kites available at this year’s #CTKiteFest.

In 2014 Craig and his wife Debbie brought their Night Fury Dragon, Toothless to #CTKiteFest, specially made for the Dreamwork's movie How to Train Your Dragon.  Check out this video of Toothless being flown under Tower Bridge in London -