Ugo Groll (Germany)

Ugo Groll is coming to the Cape Town International Kite Festival for the third time this year. It will be the second visit for his partner, Diana Hampel, who is an excellent kite bridle knotter, thanks to her years of sailing experience.

Ugo started flying stunt kites in 1990. A couple of years later he started building single-line kites, mainly Rokkaku fighter kites. He then learnt how to fly Indonesian (Layang) fighter kites.

He has been a member of the Manjha Club International for several years and flies around the world to participate in fighter kite competitions. Ugo and friends have organised several international Manjha meetings in Germany, with kiters from Holland (Indonesians), UK, France, Switzerland and Germany participating. Ugo has attended kite festivals in Hungary, Germany and Cape Town.

He is very excited to be returning to South Africa: "I remember the very friendly people and the lovely beaches, especially at Muizenberg and Kalk Bay. I'll be happy to taste the famous South African red wine and sea food again."