Gerald Gelderbloem

Gerald Gelderbloem (Parkwood Estate, Cape Town)

He first attended #CTKiteFest in 2011 and has been every year since then. In 2013 he won the Heritage Kite Award with a multi-coloured Swaeltjie, made with fabric from discarded umbrellas. He’s exceptionally creative and makes many designs of stick kites – from Swaeltjies to box kites, a hexagon and star.

Gerald’s garage overflows with his kiting projects and he has a small sideline business selling kites. He helps run the Swaeltjie kite-making workshops at #CTKiteFest.

Orion Brophy, Gerald’s grandson, won the ‘open’ category in the Heritage Kite Competition in 2014. He has been making kites with his ‘oupa’ since he was five years old and attends #CTKiteFest every year.