John Erasmus

John Erasmus (Durban, South Africa)

John Erasmus became interested in two line kites in 2011 when it was too windy to fish. He met up with Steven Leonard flying a Revolution kite on a Durban beach. He purchased a few different types of kites but soon became hooked on the Revolution. His main interest at the moment is single line kites. Johnny flies solo and in team AeroShark with Steven Leonard. The 2013 Cape Town International Kite Festival was his first big kite event. He also flew at the Jeffrey’s Bay Kite Festival in 2014.

“I love how the Cape Town International Kite Festival brings joy to the public” Says Erasmus, “To see amazing kites in the air, to be able to attend the workshops and be able to soak in the incredible vibe, I feel blessed and honoured to be a part of this event, it’s so very lekker!,”








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