Bernhard Dingwerth (Germany)

Bernhard Dingwerth's 'day job' in Kassel is a social worker at a children's home. When he started kiting in 1984, he was most interested in stunt kites.

He didn’t own a sewing machine and had no experience in sewing – but he still managed to hand sew his first single line kite and "was very proud to see it fly".

Dingwerth made his first inflatable – a crocodile – in 1994. This was followed by the seal, the grasshopper, the salamander and a whole zoo of different creatures.

Dingwerth’s extraordinary kites have won him the German Championship three times, and made him a very popular guest at kite festivals around the world. He’s flown in Malaysia, Thailand, Guam, Singapore, Canada, Borneo, China, Korea, Vietnam, USA, India and many European countries.

This will be the fourth time he's attended the Cape Town International Kite Festival.

"I heard a lot of good things about your country and so it makes me curious – beautiful countryside, friendly people, sunshine, good food. I like to travel and to see new thing. When David and Susan Gomberg asked me to come with I didn't have to think about it."