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Disabled childMental Health

We live in a very health-conscious society. But most of us focus mostly on taking care of our bodies: dieting, exercising and cutting down on harmful habits like drinking and smoking, to reduce the chances of heart disease and cancer.

However, good health also means good mental health. Whether you think of it as happiness, peace of mind or a sense of fulfilment, mental health is something we all want for ourselves. Mental health has to do with the quality of our lives and the way that we get along - in our families, at school, at work, and at play.

If we are mentally healthy we can cope better with the stresses in our lives, form good relationships and work productively.

Mental health problems are common in societies through the world. In fact, almost every family is affected at some or other stage. The earlier a problem is picked up and the person is given help, the easier it is for everyone involved.

Cape Mental Health runs awareness, education, counselling and training programmes aimed at helping people enjoy good mental health. Most of these programmes and services are offered free of charge.

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