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Ensuring a happy, productive workplace

Personal and mental health difficulties among employees are common, and often result in absenteeism, poor productivity and high staff turnover. These have a direct impact on your workplace and your business.

Our Employee Assistance Programme works with Companies to strengthen staff's ability to cope with the challenges of modern life, enhances work-place well-being, promotes a work/life balance, and improves productivity.

Partnering your EAP strategy with Cape Mental Health makes the following services easily accessible – at affordable rates:

• A skilled team of registered professionals
• Communication in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa
• Telephonic and on-site/off-site availability
• Individual & family sessions on an appointment basis
• Trauma intervention at short notice
• Confidential assessments & counselling
• Treatment planning and referrals
• Health information & wellness education
• Short-term problem solving / facilitating change
• Follow-up & support
• Managerial/staff training to assist employees that are having life challenges
• The back-up of a registered, well-resourced organisation

Through this programme we can address family problems such as marital conflict, divorce, abuse, illness or death; relationship problems; financial difficulties; alcohol/drug dependence or a gambling addiction; crises in the home; psychological issues such as depression and anxiety; health problems; and other personal concerns which may adversely affect employee ability and job performance.

Although EAP should not be seen as a refuge for disciplinary hearings, employers are expected to provide assistance to employees before they proceed with disciplinary procedures.

Cape Mental Health runs awareness, education, counselling and training programmes aimed at helping people enjoy good mental health. Most of these programmes and services are offered free of charge.

To find out more, please email Vimla Pillay at