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disabled children

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Anyone can face a life crisis, suffer from emotional distress or a mental illnes. Anyone can have a family member with intellectual disability. Anyone can sustain brain injury in an accident.

Cape Mental Health is here to help in any of these circumstances, with a range of counselling, rehabilitation, care and training services. Broadly speaking, our work is divided into three main areas:

  • Intellectual Disability – people who have damage to the brain, either as a result of a birth defect (e.g. Down Syndrome) or after an injury or accident (e.g. near fatal drowning).
  • Psychiatric Disability - people affected by a psychiatric or mental illness (e.g. Schizophrenia).
  • Mental Health - our mental wellness, which can affected by stress, anxiety, grief, etc. People who are unable to deal with pressures like these may become depressed or even suicidal.

DonateWe believe that people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities have a right to a place in society, and a right to education, training, work and social inclusion. Too often they are denied appropriate education and work opportunities, and socially sidelined, abused and exploited.

We create opportunities for children with intellectual disability to learn and develop their potential, and for adults with intellectual disability to be trained and to work, both in a workshop environment and in the open labour market.

People with psychiatric disabilities face stigma, which further disables them. We provide support groups, assistance in finding work, and a range of activities to help them maximize their potential.

We also offer training and assistance to caregivers and to the families of our service-users, to help them cope with caring for a disabled or distressed child or adult in the home.

Our services cover the greater Cape Town area, especially in impoverished urban and rural communities with few other resources.

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