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Board Members 2012/13

The Board of Cape Mental Health is comprised of a representative cross section in terms of race and gender, and includes individuals with disabilities.

Professor Ratie Mpofu – President
Ratie Mpofu, now Emeritus Professor of the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, University of the Western Cape, has worked as a physiotherapist, Lecturer and Dean. She has been an active participant in equal access to rehabilitation and other health and social services for all. She has a keen interest in the work of Cape Mental Health as it contributes to an area of disabilities often neglected by service providers, employers and society at large. Contact:


Dr Mandla Tshabalala

Dr Mandla Tshabalala – Vice-President

Dr Tshabalala is retired. He was previously the Vice-Rector: Student Development & Affairs at the Cape Town University of Technology.
Ken Sturgeon

Ken Sturgeon – Vice-President

Now retired, Ken was previously Town Planner and Planning & Environment Manager of the Argus Cycle Tour.
Ken Sturgeon

Gary Pond – Executive Committee Member Chairperson

Gary has his own business in the Financial Services sector.

Ken Sturgeon

Hombakazi Zide – Executive Committee Member Vice-Chairperson

Hombakazi is active in BZ Facilitation and Development.
Ken Sturgeon

Alan Crisp – Executive Committee Member

Alan is a retired Accountant.
Ken Sturgeon

David Lotz – Executive Committee Member Legal Advisor

David is an Attorney with Herold Gie.
Ken Sturgeon

Shona Sturgeon – Executive Committee Member

Shona has retired as a Senior Lecturer at UCT. She is the Immediate Past President of the S A Federation for Mental Health, and Past President of the World Federation for Mental Health.
Ken Sturgeon

Phumla Satyo – Executive Committee Member

Phumla is a Director at Curriculum Further Education and Training, Western Cape Education Department.
Ken Sturgeon

Oscar January – Member

Oscar is a consumer representative (Psychiatric Disability)
Ken Sturgeon

Gwendoline Daniels – Member
Gwendoline Daniels has been the consumer representative for intellectual disability on the Cape Mental Health Board since 2008. She was the first service user with an intellectual disability to be elected on the Board of CMH.

Gwendoline joined CMH’s Athlone Training Workshop Unlimited in 2000, and soon became a team leader for the work skills area. In 2003 she joined the two year Siyanceda Programme, which prepared people with intellectual disability for the open labour market, and subsequently became the Assistant Instructor in the Lifeskills Department of the Athlone Training Workshops Unlimited.